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What we are...

This website serves as a consolidation center for mass e-mailings for art galleries and visual arts organizations in Chicago. The goals are automation, reliability, and security.

We starting up in September of 2000, with the help of Gallery 312, Counterpoint Networking Inc, and two grants from the Illinois Arts Council.

Since that time we have delivered over 5,000,000 e-mail Announcements of art events in Chicago to 2500 - 3000 Patrons with an interest in openings, receptions, talks, and related events of galleries and arts organizations.

As a Patron you can pick the galleries from which you want to receive e-mail. If you add your e-mail address no information will be asked, no statistics will be generated, no ads will be included in e-mails or show on-line, and the your e-mail address will never be sold or passed to others, not even the galleries.

The texts of all Anouncements are generated by the participating Exhibitors and are distributed automatically.

We urge your participation either as a Patron (Collector, Viewer, Artist, Critic, Individual), or as an Exhibitor (Art Gallery or Arts Organization).


At any time you can access the calendar of upcoming [events], to check Announcements for this month or this week, or access our [database] to check descriptions of galleries or their location and phone number. You do not need to join to do this.


If you are a collector, artist, critic, or even just a viewer, consider adding your e-mail address to this service, and be assured of timely short e-mail announcements and reminders of events in the visual arts in Chicago.

No information is collected from you as a Patron, not even your name, and the database in not available to anyone, not even the Exhibitors. This service is also entirely free to you as a Patron and will remain free.

You will receive a password to log on with. You may change the password at any time, and you may request to have it resent at any time. You may also choose never to log on.

You will be able to remove your e-mail address from the list of any Exhibitors at any time -- either by logging on and choosing who you want to hear from, or by using the "instant removal" link furnished at the bottom of any Announcement.

You may also delete your e-mail address at any time from our database. The list of deleted addresses is absolute, and only you yourself can ever reinstitute your address. An Exhibitor cannot add your address if it has been embargoed.

[link] More Patron information (and new accounts).

[link] Log on - if you have already received a password.


If you are a Chicago area visual art exhibitor, gallery, or arts organization consider applying for an Exhibitor account.

As an Exhibitor you will be able to send timely e-mail announcements and reminders of events to a wide audience of collectors, buyers, and writers, without duplication or bounces. Exhibitors pay a flat annual fee.

[link] More Exhibitor information (and new accounts).

[link] Log on - if you have already received a password.

How it works...

Exhibitors submit e-mail addresses of their regular patrons and visitors. We pool the new addresses with our database of existing e-mail addresses. The list includes patrons, collectors, educators, writers, and critics. No duplicate e-mail announcements are ever sent. At this moment the data base consists of 1855 Patrons.

Although pooled, any Patron can at any time select to exclude their e-mail address from individual Exhibitors, or even exclude themselves entirely. Excluded e-mail addresses are embargoed against future inclusion by any other Exhibitor.

Notification of an event, such as a gallery openings, is made with an announcement typed at this website by the participating Exhibitors. We transmit the announcement to the list of all Patrons who have elected to receive announcements from this particular Exhibitor.

Currently about 60 brief Announcements are sent each month during the exhibition season. Look at the [events calendar] for a listing of current Announcements.

Security and privacy...

The e-mail data base is secured, and not available to anyone, not even the participating Exhibitors.

No statistics are made available to anyone. No information is collected, not even names. Names are stripped from all e-mail addresses. The selections made by individual Patrons is only available to individual Patrons.

Almost all aspects of this service are automated, so this service is not policed or monitored.

Browser Settings...

This website depend in its operation on Session Control and a No-Cache Directive. This site is designed for default options of Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, and Lynx. However, you may need to set some browser options for proper operation:

  • To allow Session Control, set up the browser to accept cookies.

    Cookies are an identification number which distinguishes concurrent users from each other. ChicagoArt.Net cookies expire 15 minutes after your last page change.

  • Set the browser to refresh files every time (no file caching).

    This may only be required if you log on to your account, and is not needed to check current Announcements, or to get information on Exhibitors.

Acceptable Usage Policies...

More information regarding security, and our policy on fair usage, may be found on the [fair usage] page.


If you have any questions, please contact us at [support@chicagoart.net].

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