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As a Patron you will be receiving e-mail Announcements from the Exhibitors who subscribe to this service.

As a Patron you may select exactly which Exhibitors will be allowed to send you Announcements.

You may view (without "logging on") information about the participating galleries and organizations, including their web sites, and inspect announcements for events happening today or this week or next week.

Logging on

You can log on at any time to change settings for your account. "Log on" means click the "LOGIN" tab on the opening page, and fill in your e-mail address (which is your account identification), and supply your password. At that point you may do any of the following..


No-one will ever see what selections you make. No advertisements or spam will ever be sent from this service.

Our database is not available to anyone, not even the gallery which may have submitted your e-mail address.

You may also elect never to log in, in which case you will receive announcements from all of the Exhibitors.

Deleted e-mail addresses

To be "deleted" actually means "embargoed" -- that is, your e-mail address is added to a list of embargoed addresses. If an Exhibitor subsequently attempts to add your e-mail address to our database, it will be silently rejected.

Only you can reinstate your address to the list of active Patrons; and you need to do this by logging on. Forgotten passwords can be requested to be re-sent to the same e-mail address. If that e-mail bounces, it will again be added to the list of embargoed e-mail addresses.

Deletions by you

You may remove your address entirely from this service by logging on to do so, or by sending your e-mail address to delete@chicagoArt.Net. It may take a day or two before we get to this.

Please check the bottom of any Announcement to see the exact wording of the address we send the Announcement to. Many addresses are forwarded, aliased, or expanded -- and your current e-mail address, or what you believe to be your e-mail address, may not be what we have listed in our database.

Deletions by us

We will automatically move your e-mail address to the embargoed list if an Announcement to you bounces because your e-mail address is no longer active, the address is no longer valid, your mail-box fills up, your domain refuses e-mail from us or refuses to forward e-mail, or if your domain goes out of business.

E-mail machines on the Internet screw up regularly, and the e-mail that was sent to you might bounce for no particular reason. We collect bounces for about a month before we will delete your email address.

Changing e-mail addresses

To change an e-mail address, send the information (old and new e-mail addresses) to support@chicagoArt.Net.

You can also do this yourself in two steps...

(1) Log on with your old e-mail address, and select, on your account page..

Be removed from all lists permanently? [Yes]

Answer "yes," and click on "Save Preferences."

(2) Log on with your new e-mail address to start a new account.

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As an Patron, can you send Announcements? No. Only Exhibitors (galleries and art organizations) can send out Announcements. Contact the gallery you are showing at, and urge them to join ChicagoArt.Net.

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