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"Acceptable Usage Policy"


Use of this service by Exhibitor is limited to visual art galleries and art organizations in the Chicago area. Currently these include fine art galleries and museums, experimental sound and film, art criticism magazines, arts programs, and arts coalitions, organizations, festivals, and foundations.

We will not represent individuals, studios, shared studios, small groups who show their own work, artists' agents or representatives, or start-up exhibition ventures.

New Exhibitors are taken on in good faith, but are expected to use this service appropriately. This includes the following.

The rules are simple: an Announcement has to be about an EVENT at YOUR gallery -- which you may announce one time only. Additional reminders for up-coming shows are are prohibited. Reminders of on-going shows are not events. Calls for work are not events. An exhibition elsewhere is not an event at your gallery.

The purpose of the restrictions is to maintain the integrity of the database of people interested in visual art in Chicago. When Announcement become overwhelming in number or become spurious, we lose patrons.

Please see more detailed requirements below. We will warn you twice, and suspend your account on a second violation of Acceptable Usage Policy.

  1. We are adverse to any attempt to use this service for spamming or advertising or commercial use. If it looks like spam, it is spam, and your account will be summarily closed.
  2. A sales pitch or other offering, including classes and seminars, the publication dates of monthly magazines (but not for irregular magazines), calls for work or submissions, reminders of ongoing shows, or anything which is not related to an art event at your gallery, is considered inappropriate use.
  3. Announcements will be listed on our calendar pages for the "event date" which you fill out at the top of an Announcement during editing. It is thus inapropriate to send reminders of on-going exhibitions, since you will be listed multiple times for the same calendar date.
  4. The e-mail announcements should represent an announcement of an event -- an opening, reception, lecture, or related event -- and should not be used as a "brand reminder" or as a reminder of an on-going exhibition.
  5. Do not send out Announcements for artists showing work elsewhere or hand your password out to anyone.
  6. In supplying e-mail addresses exhibitors guarantee that these lists represent their regular patrons, who have at least implicitly agreed to receive e-mail from you, and by default from all other Exhibitors. See [Adding e-mail addresses] for details.

There policies may be changed or augmented at any time in the future. Our concern is to limit these Announcements to legitimate use without overwhelming patrons with e-mail.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at [support@chicagoArt.Net].

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